Welcome to Cortex

Welcome to the website of Cortex - the Computer Aided Registration Tool for Experiments, specifically designed for the needs of social science researchers. This site is your resource for getting to know about Cortex and if you actually need it, and documentation or support if you already use it. So, what exactly can Cortex do for you?

The main idea of Cortex consists of three core elements:
1. A simple and standardized way to provide possible participants with all the information they need about the experiments you run and save time by letting the participants themselves choose their own appointment from a previously defined list.

2. Short-term experiment planning and organizing, providing an easy way to contact your participants, pooling information like which labs are used at what time, how many participants have yet participated and the spots still open, demographic data about the population of your studies by choosing which details people have to provide in the registration process.

3. Long-term build-up of a database with possible participants for future studies. Select people randomly or by distinctive details they previously entered and recruit them for new experiments.

What do I need to use it?

Since both the user and administration platform of Cortex are browser-based, all you need is a webserver that can handle PHP files, and a MySQL database to store the information about your experiments and participants. If you encounter any troubles, don't hesitate to contact me - I will gladly help you with the installation process.

How do I get Cortex?

Cortex is citeware. That means, for academic research purposes the code and the support are absolutely free, but you have to ackowledge our work in your publications (see more under license).
Since we are very interested in who uses our software, we will provide you with the download link for Cortex if you send us a short note with who you are and what you do. Use the contact form in the download section.